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CES-S400 Commercial Entry System
Featuring Best in Class 4D FMCW LiDAR
Facial Recognition

The CES-S400 is the world’s longest-range commercial biometric system, capturing 2D, 3D and 4D facial data to identify targets at standoff distances.

Our patented Dual Chirp FMCW 4D LiDAR provides unprecedented tactical ranges up to 30 meters.

Long Range Facial Recognition

The instantaneous sub-millimeter range plus velocity data that this coherent LiDAR acquires, allows the S400 to capture moving subjects, handle extreme lighting variations, overcome occlusions such as sunglasses and beards, and correct off-angle poses for enhanced identification capabilities.

With the ability to capture 2D and 3D facial data in real time, the S400 supports group processing which increases throughput in high traffic environments. 

Face matching in high traffic environments

The CES-S400 uses an active laser light source and captures the shape of the face in extremely high 3D detail, therefore we do not have issues with identification of people with different skin tones or gender.  This is a significant advantage over the common 2D systems that are often reported to misidentify individuals due to changes in skin tones.

The system is easily deployed in a variety of ways, including fixed indoor and outdoor units operating in daytime and nighttime as well as mobile vehicle-based systems.

Covert Mobile Vehicle

Covert Outdoor Surveillance

Vehicle Scan

CES-S400 Features

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Precise 2D/3D Enrollment

The ENR-330 is SVI’s premier enrollment system designed for rapid biometric enrollment, capturing high-resolution 3D and 2D face images while tolerating variable lighting and subject motion. The ENR-330 is very easy to operate with an on-screen go/no-go capture indicator and is suited for use in environments with high volume in a variety of backgrounds.

Our enrollment system captures facial biometrics of cooperative subjects positioned at 1 meter using an intuitive in-range indicator and built-in quality verification that ensures only good quality images are accepted. The ENR-330 is designed for easy transport and quick set-up, and with minimal processing time, it facilitates a reduction in queue back-ups.

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Product Extensions

Long-range enrollment

Non-cooperative enrollment

Portable enrollment

Facial Recognition Binocular System (FRBS)

SVI’s Facial Recognition Binocular Technology was initially developed to support Navy, Joint, and Coalition Warfighters to identify persons of interest at extended ranges. This mobile man-portable technology integrates real time surveillance operations with on-demand facial recognition via simple point and shoot operation.

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Product Applications


Border Partrol

Law Enforcement