SVI Participates in Thailand’s Ministry of Defense Crimson Viper Event

SVI participated in the Crimson Viper Field Experiment, conducted annually in Thailand by the Royal Thai Ministry of Defense (MOD) Defense Science and Technology Department (DSTD), and the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Science and Technology Office (USPACOM J85). Crimson Viper is a technology experimentation venue that promotes Science & Technology collaboration and is a means of obtaining operational feedback for technology development. Several U.S vendors offering latest technologies addressing Thailand’s concerns with their on-going southern border crossing issues were invited to participate in the event.

SVI operationally demonstrated their fixed sensor LiDAR based 3D facial recognition technology to both Thailand’s MoD and Thai military both indoors and outdoors as well as SVI’s hand-held facial recognition binocular technology with identification ranges up to 200 meters under real world uncontrolled environmental conditions.